We Make Sick Homes Healthy Again

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We Make Sick Homes Healthy Again and Sometimes It’s Free!

Imagine the house you grew up in or your favorite grandparents house is falling into disrepair, but there is an organization that will help it get fixed at little or no cost. Imagine if this organization were able to help your neighbor or family member fix his roof or water heater. Now try to imagine this organization helping your loved one be able to comfortably move around inside and outside their home with relative ease with the use of modifications for the disabled.  This organization could help many of our neighbors have a safe, beautiful home that they are proud of once more. Let me close my talk by saying that we have created just such an organization, and we have already completed one project with more clients lined up and waiting. We make sick homes healthy!


We see a world where the help one needs for home repair and/or maintenance is available regardless of disability, advanced age or financial hardship. We see a world committed to the preservation of our shared architectural heritage where we are actively protecting the integrity and individuality of our neighborhoods while also increasing sustainability within our established communities by ensuring home maintenance needs are met.

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Home Repair

We provide various home repair services click below to learn more about some of the services we provide.


We can tackle several plumbing issues. click below to learn more about some of the services we provide.

Yard Work

Our services include gutters and other outdoor features click below to learn more about some of our services.