Our History

Where did it all start:

Allow me to describe where this idea came from. The first seed was planted when I was just 8 years old. I asked my mom why we didn’t just buy a house instead of moving from one dump to another, she said, “Even if we could buy a house, what would I do if anything broke? I wouldn’t know how to fix it.” Next came the realization of the injustice of aging as I watched our grandparent’s house destroyed by time and neglect as they aged. The catalyst occurred when I was a project manager for an investment company in St Louis. I met an elderly woman who, much like my grandmother, was unable to maintain her lifelong home after she lost her husband. As a result, she was slowly forced to live in 3 rooms of her 3 story brownstone. Because I represented the investors, I had to tell her, “I can’t help you.” That is when I realized I was on the wrong side of the equation.